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Crab Gas Token

Crab Network​

Substrate-based Crab Network​

CRAB tokenΒ is the native token of Crab chain. It is similar to Ether in Ethereum. To interact with Crab chain, CRAB tokens are used as gas fees.

Get the CRAB Token​

You can deposit CRAB tokens from the exchange to the Substrate-based Crab network.

  • Step 1: Create an account on substrate-based crab network
    • Go to Darwinia Apps and click the button on the left upper to switch the network to Crab Network
    • Create an account, tutorial refers here
  • Step 2: Get CRAB token
    • The CRAB token can be purchased from the following places(up to now) -- MXC
  • Step 3: Deposit CRAB token
    • You can deposit tokens to the account that you have created on the Substrated-based crab network from the exchange

Ethereum-compatible Crab Network​

Get the CRAB Token​

On the basis of the above three steps of the substrate-based crab network part, you can proceed to the following steps.

  • Step 1: Add the Crab network to the MetaMask
    • Go to and click the Connect Wallet on the right upper corner of the Crab Docs, then you can see the RPC configuration parameters of the Crab network, click and add it to your MetaMask
  • Step 2: Transfer the CRAB tokens from the substrate address to the smart address
    • Go to Darwinia Apps to transfer the CRAB tokens from the substrate address to the smart address, tutorial refers here

Pangolin Test Network​

Get the PRING Test Token​

Please go to Darwinia Apps and conncet your account to get the PRING test token.