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Ropsten Bridge

Pangolin > Ropsten

Relay Contract

  1. Relayer sends Authority Set change
  2. Relayer listens to the Authority Set changed event
address: 0xD35Bb6F1bc1C84b53E0995c1830454AB7C4147f1
topic: 0x91d6d149c7e5354d1c671fe15a5a3332c47a38e15e8ac0339b24af3c1090690f

TokenIssuing Contract

User claims RING & KTON

address: 0x98fAE9274562FE131e2CF5771ebFB0bB232aFd25

Pangolin < Ropsten

Burn Contract

  1. User destroys RING and KTON
  2. Relayer listens to the burn event
address: 0x49262b932e439271d05634c32978294c7ea15d0c
topic: 0xc9dcda609937876978d7e0aa29857cb187aea06ad9e843fd23fd32108da73f10