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The native token for the Crab Network is CRAB, which can be used as gas for transactions. Gas includes transaction fees, contract execution fees, network bandwidth charges, storage fees, and more.

CRAB Specification

  • Crab Network (Smart Contract)
    • Spec: Native
    • Symbol: CRAB
    • Decimals: 18
    • Smart Contract Address: n/a
  • Crab Network (Smart Contract)
    • Spec: ERC20
    • Symbol: WCRAB
    • Name: Wrapped CRAB
    • Decimals: 18
    • Smart Contract Address: 0x2d2b97ea380b0185e9fdf8271d1afb5d2bf18329


CKTON is essentially a derivative token of CRAB, which encourages long-term lock and commitment. CRAB staking participants can lock CRAB for 1~36 months and get CKTON as rewards, compensating for the liquidity loss.

CKTON Specification

  • Crab Network (Smart Contract)
    • Spec: ERC20
    • Symbol: WCKTON
    • Name: Wrapped CKTON
    • Decimals: 18
    • Smart Contract Address: 0x159933C635570D5042723359fbD1619dFe83D3f3

Other Tokens On Ethereum-Compatible Crab Smart Chain

Token SymbolxRING
Smart Contract Address0x7399Ea6C9d35124d893B8d9808930e9d3F211501