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DVM Address

The Crab Network and the Pangolin testnet use the account address format based on the SS58 Address. In order to be compatible with the ethereum smart contract ecosystem, a second address format is introduced on top of the existing network, namely DVM address.

Address Conversion#

The DVM account address shares the same address format with Ethereum, while each DVM account has a corresponding Substrate address.

For example, the DVM account 0x6Be02d1d3665660d22FF9624b7BE0551ee1Ac91b has a corresponding Substrate address that is 2qSbd2umtD4KmV2X6UEyn3zQ6jFT13jZEybLwc3hn5kiMmeD.

The rules for address conversion are shown in the following diagram:

Darwinia Address Format Overview

Address Conversion Tool#

Address conversion can be done by using the Web Apps tool. Click on Toolbox > DVM Address, enter the address of the DVM account to be converted.