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Contribute through Polkadot.{js}

Before participating in the crowdloan via Polkadot.{js}, please make sure that you have:

  • Kusama network has been selected.

  • Import the address holding KSM into the Polkadot.{js}.

  • Or create a new address in the Polkadot.{js}, and transfer KSM from the centralized exchange to this address

Contribute your KSM to Crab's crowdloan#

  1. Go to Polkadot.{js}

  2. Click "Network" in the toolbar > select "Parachains" > click "Crowdloan".

  3. Select "Crab Network" in "ongoing" and click "Contribute".

  4. Enter the amount of KSM you want to contribute, and click "Contribute".

  5. Finally, sign the transaction.