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Crab Network

Crab Network (Crab) is a canary network with real economic value for Darwinia, and its positioning is similar to Polkadot's Kusama Network. To expect chaos is a reasonable assumption!

Crab mainly serves as a testbed and simulation environment for Darwinia network upgrades and application deployment on which radical experiments can be performed. It not only provides a complete network and software execution environment, but also an economic environment.

Crab is the first crosschain Bridge in the Polkadot ecosystem with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility that natively supports DeFi dapps and NFTs, allowing them to migrate seamlessly crosschain to Polkadot.

Utilizing Darwinia Network's innovative bridge technology, Crab provides an onramp to the Polkadot ecosystem for projects deployed on public blockchains such as Ethereum, TRON, and BSC, and does so with very low transaction fees.

The newest continent of the Darwinia ecosystem cross-chain game Evolution Land has been deployed on Crab Network, and will soon launch the new and innovative NFT+Defi Gamefi Furnace system. Crab Network will allow players to enjoy the enhanced experience without having to worry about high transaction fees.

Crab is a Network with long-term value; in fact, it's backed by RING tokens which allow it provide real economic incentives for testing and perfecting game theory, while retaining the benefits of being a testnet.

Crab has the same parameters as Darwinia Mainnet, and uses the same staking and inflation models. Crab’s tokens are CRAB and CKTON, with the intial supply of CRAB being 2000M, and supply of CKTON starting at 0.

CRAB and CKTON are tokens with real value, and the cryptocurrency backing module on Crab network has been initially allocated 40M RING as mapped assets supporting that value. These mapped RING on Crab network are managed and voted upon by the Crab Council, and enable CRAB and RING tokens to be mutually exchangeable via the Crab<->Darwinia Bridge.

The exchange of CRAB to RING is facilitated by an automated market maker (AMM) protocol similar to Uniswap, so in essense, swapping of CRAB and RING is considered typical market behavior, with initial liquidity for trades to be determined by Crab Council.

Crab Network will be participating in the Kusama Parachain Slot Auction